Having graduated from Napier University, PetrosSofikitis returned to Greece in 2008 and began his professional journey shadowing DimitrisSofikitis, both his father and renowned photographer in his own right. A creative and restless soul, he begins his own photographic explorations, and in 2011 he establishes, together with his brother Constantinos, a company that offers photographic services specializing mainly in travel and wedding photography.
Abstract and with a unique ability to tame natural sources of light to his advantage, Petros manages, through the spontaneous subject matter of his images, to trigger strong emotions and welcome the audience to accompany him on his photographic journeys.
He now collaborates with Google Greece and TedxAthens, and as of 2017, his photographs have captured the attention of both Eurobank and FoxHellas leading to collaborations with both. He has taken part and been awarded in a number of renowned competitions, among others the SWPP competition from which he received the title of ‘Contemporary Portrait Photographer of the Year’ in 2011.
Member of the newly founded charity organization Axion Hellas, Petros travels to remote areas of Greece in order to capture the pains, joys, hard work and relief of all those fighting for survival, for a better life. His work has often been reproduced by some of the largest Greek online media channels, whilst his solo exhibitions have taken place in some of the most important galleries and renowned exhibition spaces in Athens.